The U-Tube LED U-Shaped Bulb series are well-suited for use anywhere: homes, offices, museums, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, basically anywhere conventional fluorescent lights can be found.  The excellent light quality of U-Tube LED Bulbs makes your room lighting more effective and easier on your eyes...

LED U-Tube UBend Retrofit Bulbs...

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED U Shape Bulbs always require a small driver to regulate the flow of power through the lamp. However, a LED bulb converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than a fluorescent lamp. Lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost of the bulb. While standard T8 U-Shaped fluorescent lamps have been mostly used in large commercial or institutional buildings, the LED U-Bulb is now being used as the energy-saving alternative to mercury filled fluorescent lamps models these days. Compared with fluorescent U-Tube bulbs, LED U-Shaped bulbs use less power for the same amount of light, last almost 3 times longer, eliminate potential “fluorescent headaches”, contain no toxic mercury, and require no ballast that can fail and that also generates higher heat levels demanding more air conditioning of a room space.

U-Tube LED U Shaped Bulbs Are Here!

Make the switch to LED Tube Lights and LED U-Bend shaped U-tube bulbs to save more energy than ever before. No ballast, no mercury, but great light and 50,000 hours of life. Replace most any fluorescent bulb at your location fast and easier than ever before.